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News - Latin American Tour POSTPONE

Dear friends, as you know Theatres Des Vampires has been victims of a deportation last week in Caracas, where we were supposed to start our Latin American Tour.

The Venezuelan authorities refused us to enter Venezuela, and even to go ahead with the tour flying to Buenos Aires, deporting us back to Italy.

For this reason we had no choice than cancel the show in Caracas and suspend the shows in Buenos Aires and San Paolo.
Our Management has been working all these days together with the Latin American Promoters in order to let us fly to Mexico tomorrow and save at least the shows in Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia but a new problem came up yesterday: During the "issue" with the Venezuelan Border Police, Simon's passport has been damaged by one of the venezuelan cops, once back to Italy he went to the Italian Passports Office to ask for a new one with "urgency matter" to have the new one on time for tomorrow (in order to leave again on tuesday) but during the procedure of the release of the new passport, we discovered that ALL the TDV passports has been marked by the Venezuelans as "INAD" (Inadmissable in Venezuela as not welcome in that country), the mark was not visible on the passport pages because it goes on the international database that is visibile only when the passport is scanned through the electronic chip.

The reason because they are considered "INAD" is not shown in the database, so once at the passports control of any country the Custom Police can't see the reason why they were not admitted in Venezuela and it can be for any kind of reason (terrorism, criminal or whatever) so the risk now is that we buy new flights to fly back to Latin America to play Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia and once there, because of this passports problem, the Mexican or Guatemaltese or Colombian Border Police could not accept us and deport us to Italy again because previously marked as INAD in Venezuela. As you can understand this is a risk that we can't take.

Our manager has been at the Urgency Affairs Office of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs for the whole day trying to find the way to fix this unfortunately, even if they are very cooperative with us and they completely understand the situation (that we are not talking about terrorists or criminals) they need a lot of documents and paperwork that we are not able to provide in just one day, because this process will take a few weeks. For this reason the only solution we have is to POSTPONE the whole Latin American tour in a few months. This is mean that all the shows are suspended and will be rescheduled between February and March. The new tour will start from Buenos Aires on February 23rd and will finish in BogotÓ on March 3rd. The other rescheduled dates will be announced very soon. All the tickets bought for the concerts in September will be valid for the rescheduled concerts in February/March or eventually refundable.

We want to thank our management (Swex Booking) and all the promoters involved in this tour (NWM Productions, Beauty in Darkness Productions, Hominis Nocturna Productions, Helado Productions, Vintage Music and BogotÓ Gothic Fest) for their understanding and all their efforts to save these concerts and then we want to thank all our Latin American fans, you've been waiting for us for many years and we were very close to come back, we will just have to wait a few months then we really hope to see you all there! In Blood We Lust


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